Welcome to our web site and thank you for your interest in Lake Nottely. We have started a great 2016 in helping to keep the lake and environs healthy and enjoyable for all and being involved in community activities.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016 is election day. Links for Primary ballots for May 2016 election: Republican. Democrat. Non-Partisan.

You can also go to this site to see sample ballots – http://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do .Union County web page does not have the ballots listed or linked.


MEMORIAL DAY PARADE***May 28, 2016***  We are participating in the parade – again. Members get to be part of our entry for FREE. Non-members – $5,000. We need walkers and riders. The walkers will hand out candy and POW-MIA flags. The riders will wave in comfort. Get to the start point NLT 9:30 a.m. (368 School Cir) just SE of the Union County War Memorial Park. This is the 150th anniversary of Memorial Day observations. Parade starts at 10. Ceremony at the park will follow the parade, another special event.


Road Clean-up

Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 10 a.m. Meet at the picnic table, just west of the dam on Hwy 325. We need you. If you didn’t get an email on this, we do not have your email address. You can reach us at lniablast@outlook.com – Thanks.

Update on Road Clean-up.

We successfully completed the second of our two spring clean-up events on Saturday, May 14 with a two mile road clean-up along the Nottely dam area. Eleven members, including three from the Atlanta area and one from Florida, swept the accumulated trash from Hwy 325 shoulders and ditches. Our effort amounted to enough trash to fill up a pick-up truck. We coordinated with TVA, Kimmy Garrett, who provided bags, gloves and took care of the trash disposal.

road cleanup 0516a
Martha, Jane, Tom from Atlanta area; Frank from FL. Carolyn, Moriah, George are locals. You figure out who is who.
Road clean-up 0516b
The others just look good. These five did the hard work.




lake clean up 0416
Others were still bundling up. See the fun you missed?

Spring 2016 Lake Clean-up

Hi there just a quick summary of the event. But first, before you quit reading, thanks to Nottely Marina (Captain Shane Doucette) for providing the pontoon boat for hauling us around and the Lakeside Village for allowing us to gather at their community center, providing breakfast and use their dock. So, some 2,000 of us loaded up the pontoon

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and headed out in several iterations to hit the shores like a Marine expeditionary force. We concentrated on mid-lake area focusing on Forest Service (our) property. It was a bit blistery but sunny. Good thing we embarked because it was a treasure rich environment. Who knew that so many “sportsmen” were using the lake and leaving behind evidence of their visits. But, in a confidential conversation with one of the worm containers, it admitted that the worms were at fault because while the fisherman was dozing they hoisted up the container and hid out of sight – think of Navy guys hefting a rubber boat. Not to be ignored, we should mention our gardeners who contribute plastic containers. Again they are not at fault because new thought says they don’t need to put rocks or pottery shards in the bottom of the containers. These nautical novices don’t understand the reason for the ballast is not to allow drainage but rather hold the pot in place against our hurricane force winds. Apparently, we have a user population that hasn’t served in the military. If they had, they would put dummy cords (Army term) on their dip cans. How so many cans can escape from back pockets is beyond me. I had heard folks in the olden days would put logs in the river and float them on down for sale; must be good money for construction debris somewhere. Robinson Crusoe would not have a problem getting bottled messages out or even using tin cans for a shelter on our lake and bottled water(?) is plentiful as well. Some states make a cottage industry of bottle and can deposits, maybe Georgia should think on this. We could make this a profitable adventure. Styrofoam is abundant so if you invent a use for it, you might be able to build a castle on the lake. There were signs of responsible users as well. Denver noted a picnic area that had been well kept up. In summary (that’s where I started this) the twenty or so folks who participated did a great service to our community and finished in time for an afternoon nap. We have other events coming up and look forward to seeing you whether it is at the road clean-up, Memorial Day parade, picnic, education meeting, and on and on and on. Thanks for being part of a great organization.

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lake clean up 0416 a
Denver with results from first boat run. Other dumps followed. TVA volunteered to pick-up the accumulated trash. We had already picked out the good stuff.


Those dam trails are open.

Friday, April 8 Union County and TVA conducted a ribbon cutting ceremony opening up the trails to walkers, joggers and bikers.

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These trails, located on Hwy 325 just west of the dam, are a great addition to the recreational assets of the lake. Eight or ten LNIA members were there as evidence of our appreciation of the joint effort by the county and TVA (well ok maybe the free food afterwards helped ensure our presence). There are about two and one-half miles of groomed, eight foot wide trails plus additional trails to be developed in the future. Multiple picnic tables on a picturesque cove about one-third mile from the west parking lot should be a draw for a leisurely outing. This county and TVA warrant a well-earned ATTABOY and they plan on further improvements. They have also been working a trail system below the dam which is also mighty impressive. Remember – Leave no trace of your visit.

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trail opening 0416
Some members had already started hiking. Sign behind is actually a map of the area. Photo reflection shows happy participants.