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YOUR new way to help the community – that’s why we are here right?

Union County High School Fishing Club Sponsorship. We need your support.

LNIA, through you, has made a commitment to support the club. Our student/athletes compete in a number of events with other high school teams in competitive tournaments, locally in North Georgia, throughout the state and in neighboring states. Some colleges and universities are providing scholarships for their students participating in this sport and, according to one web site, more than 200 have fishing clubs.The booster club’s mission is to enable the team members to compete. Their efforts include fund raising through sponsorships and other means, coordinating logistics support including boat availability, uniforms, transportation, etc. 

So what are we doing? Our campaign started at the picnic we just held. Your fellow members contributed $250 towards our $500 goal of being a Gold Sponsor.  Update. We have received an additional $125 from two members. We will present our sponsorship to the club at our August picnic/meeting. Donate now, thanks.

We are reaching out to you to help reach the remainder needed. Your donation, made payable to the UCHS Fishing Club, is tax deductible and will help ensure the success of these club members. You can mail your check to our address – LNIA PO Box 2033 Blairsville, GA 30514. Then pat yourself on your back and look for another way to help. After all, we get to live in a special place.

As an indication of the support in the community, the Nottely Marina just made a donation of $500.


Here is what we have been doing – something for everyone, including YOU!

Picnic, June 24, 2017.

Forty-two (hard to count, they wouldn’t hold still) of your fellow members and guests enjoyed a grand feast of BBQ and member-provided side dishes and desserts.

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A couple of rain showers didn’t interfere with the event. In addition to the LNIA update provided by several members we learned from three guests. We appreciated hearing from County Commissioner Paris on current events. GA DNR Ranger Dyer addressed safety on the lake and answered questions and Tony Dinatale, Booster Club VP of the Union County High School Fishing Club followed up to his brief of the BOD with more info on this newly formed and fully engaged club. We had door prizes and great conversation during a quick two hour event. Another coming up in August.








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April 22, 2017 Saturday. Major fun and useful event. The Great Spring Lake Nottely Clean-up.

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The first of two lake clean-ups focused on publicly-owned lakeshore along the mid and lower portions of the lake.

Results: Tremendously successful clean-up. Forty-five participants from LNIA, Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition (HRWC) who teamed with us as well as several impromptu participants met for the event. We started with coffee and donuts (two desirable food groups) at the Lakeside Village (thanks Men’s Club). We worked off of three pontoon boats (two from Nottely Marina – thanks folks) and a couple of run-abouts. Twelve hundred pounds later plus Styrofoam blocks and a refrigerator  (total 2,400 pounds per Union County that hauled everything – thanks UC) we enjoyed sandwiches from Ingles around noon. Great group, great weather, great clean-up.










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We did more good work for our community on Saturday, May 20 at 10 a.m. with our semi-annual road clean-up. Road litter has been a big subject lately but this project is one we have performed for a long time.

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The road clean-up needed you but we did manage to spiffy up our area of 325 near the dam. Did you lose a valuable ring? We found it and other treasures as well as a lot of trash (Support by TVA, thanks Kemmy). Thanks Denver and George.

Road warriors has a new meaning. Most are in the pic.










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In May we were in the Memorial Day Parade again on Saturday. May 27.

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About 15 members marched/rode in the Memorial Day Parade. We handed out almost 300 POW flags and candy. Our award winning float was a result of the leadership of the great George and Carolyn Pirie and A.G. Sherman.

Patriotism with honor to our veterans who died in serving us.







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And 22 folks braved the Scottish Festival to support it by manning the souvenir booth on both Sat and Sun. There are some strange, haunting tunes still reverberating in Meeks Parks.

Community Service (Not supervised by the UCSO)









And, if that is not enough… In partnership with Union County and TVA we have installed boat ramp markers to help boaters load and unload their boats particularly in high water conditions. These markers will indicate left and right edges and in the case of Poteete ramp alert boaters to the existance of the middle raised platform. High water (vote yes for 2017 conditions) prevent visibility of these points. We will evaluate the project this year. Look for them at the dam ramp and Poteete.

Dam ramp markers 0317. Two LNIA members out on work release. Thanks Mike and Frank.