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Fish Attractor Project with DNR. Nine Volunteers showed up Plus DNR – well done!

August 28 at 9 a.m. at Poteete Park ramp. We are working with DNR to assemble plastic pallets into pyramid shapes and then anchoring them with bricks.  With 10-15 volunteers we should get all of the attractors assembled by lunch.  DNR will deploy the attractors at a previously-permitted locations. 


Amendment to Bylaws. Passed at Meeting.

The Board of Directors will present for membership approval an amendment to Article IV – Membership Meetings. The action will move the election of officers and adoption of a budget to the last scheduled membership meeting of the year (generally August) from the meeting specified to be in June. This action will allow the existing leadership to complete the year’s activities and allow the new leadership time to plan the next year’s activities.


Education Meeting: Here is a summary of the meeting, also found in the 8/11/15 edition of the North GA News…

Four great speakers briefed the thirty participants during the 2015 LNIA education meeting. Our guests included: County Commissioner Lamar Paris, Sheriff Mack Mason, DNR Ranger Kevin Dyer and Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Program Manager Darren Harper – here are some highlights.

Darrell Harper of Blairsville's Downtown Development Authority.
Darrell Harper of Blairsville’s Downtown Development Authority.

Commissioner Paris briefing us on the immensely popular new kayak ramp off Old Blue Ridge Hwy in Meeks Park. He addressed the extensive work the county and TVA are doing to create a great natural area below the dam including a kayak/canoe put out and actively developing a trail network. They are developing plans for a catch and release area below the dam as well. Further the county is maintaining several areas along the lake north of Poteete Campground and TVA is developing a first class trail network some of which is planned to be handicap accessible. Speaking of Poteete Campground – the county will soon expand it by an additional fifty camp sites and a new bath house. He has observed a lot of great lake usage in the Cliffs area but is also disturbed to see significant trash build up and not just from normal usage but household trash dumping. He intends to be aggressive in working this problem both here and also at Meeks Park. His general theme was about the close cooperation between the county and TVA. He also introduced us to Larry Garrett, the Union County Manager He credited Larry with much of the hard work being done in implementing these initiatives. He also mentioned that for the foreseeable future, he projects a less than anticipated impact to the county as a result of the casino opening soon in the Murphy area.

Sheriff Mason provided us with summary information on how the department is successfully accomplishing its mission. The tangible results include dollars generated from fines, forfeitures and confiscations as well as a conclusion that the current reduction in the prison population is a direct result of several years of active prosecution of crime and the removal of criminals from our county population. He has implemented a prisoner work detail to help maintain the county area (including the areas Commissioner Paris mentioned). He is working with DNR and providing for joint patrols on the lake. A recent initiative includes fielding a portable auto license plate reader to identify expired plates and lapsed insurance policies. In four months this action has already resulted in recouping the cost of the equipment. Notably, this devise does not maintain a record of plates that are not out of compliance and is not capable of being a tracking device. A summary of his brief would be that criminals and ordnance violators are paying for a lot of the cost of the department.

Ranger Dyer praised LNIA for the success of the youth boating t-shirts we sponsor. He has rewarded about one hundred children for meeting safe boating requirements of wearing life vests. He reviewed three keys to safe boating: wear of life vests, follow the “rules of the road” and don’t mix drinking and driving. He indicated 87% of boating deaths were associated with not wearing life vests. He cautioned stay to the right when meeting head on with another boat and slow down. Also, and this particularly relevant to Lake Nottely, don’t cut curves on the lake rather take them wide. As a reminder all boaters, from power to kayak to paddleboards, are required to have life vests.

Darren Harper focused on the upcoming action of the area known as the Haralson property. This area includes the upcoming, new ramp for east bound 515 traffic into Blairsville. It is to begin in August and projected ramp completion in four months. But that is only part of the development because there will be action to develop the lots along this exit. Also he mentioned the new renovation/rebuild occurring in what is known as the “merchants walk”. He identified several ways the city is able to help fund improvements including a Revolving Loan Fund (with seed money from the state) and façade grants supported by the hotel tax. Future projects include continued sidewalk renovations and locale business signage. He mentioned that the DDA is cautious about not stepping on the rights of property owners in regards to downtown development initiatives. Good news is that there is a high building occupancy rate.

Postscript. Lamar thinks so highly of the new kayak ramp that he bought a kayak – for his wife. Special thanks to Darren who in spite of some significant back pain gave us a tremendous briefing. We are fortunate that Kevin has been supporting our community for fifteen years. We all benefit from the additional effort Mack goes to in support of our lake safety.