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Working Together for a Better Community
Working Together for a Better Community


Lake Nottely Improvement Association

P.O. Box 2033

Blairsville, GA 30514



Board of Directors (year indicates term expiration)

Lynn Varian, President (2018)

Doy Lively, 1st VP (2018)

Denver Gammons, 2nd VP, Sponsorship Chair (2019)

Gary Hogan, Treasurer (2019)

Elizabeth Hogan, Secretary (2019)

Mary Arnold (2019)  [recently selected to the Georgia Lions Club Hall of Fame] 

Jim Baxter, Logistics (2019)

Norma-Jean Baxter (2019)

Dick Bell, Education Meeting Lead (2019)

Sandy Bell, Education Meeting Lead (2019)

Sue Boris, Newsletter Editor (2018) 

Shane Doucette (2019)

Moriah Doucette (2019)

Carole Lively (2018)

Bill McKenney (2019)

Carolyn McKenney (2019)

Caroline Pirie (2019)

George Pirie (2019)

A. G. Sherman, Scottish Festival Lead (2018)

Barry Varian (2018)  

Carolyn Veazey, Calling Committee Chair (2019)