Events 2016

4/9       Lakeshore clean-up – Done, read article on home page.
                                8:30         Breakfast at Lakeside Village
                                9:30         Load the boats
                                12:30       Lunch 

5/14     10:00          Road Clean-up. Picnic table west of dam 

5/28     9:30            Memorial Day Parade. School Circle (above War Memorial) 

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We are participating in the parade – again. Members get to be part of our entry for FREE. Non-members – $5,000. We need walkers and riders. The walkers will hand out candy and POW-MIA flags. The riders will wave in comfort. Get to the start point NLT 9:30 a.m. (368 School Cir) just SE of the Union County War Memorial Park. This is the 150th anniversary of Memorial Day observations. Parade starts at 10. Ceremony at the park will follow the parade, another special event.

Update. Let’s start with the important info about our observance of Memorial Day events in the county – another fantastic ceremony at the war memorial paying tribute to those servicemen and women who died protecting our freedom. May they rest in peace and may we always remember the steep price of our freedom.

Did you see us in the parade? We had a great group participate which helped make it easier and more enjoyable. Sixteen of us (we have pictures for proof) decorated the float (boat – thanks Mike and Karen), walked and rode the route handing out candy and POW/MIA miniature flags to the spectators. Great time. Thanks to the organizers (veteran groups) who once again ran a fantastic event that accurately reflects the spirit and culture of our fine North Georgia community (including our part-time residents). There will be room for you next year. So here are the pics – wait a minute, newsflash, we will give away Mike’s boat as a door prize at the July picnic so you will want to be there.

Setting up the boat. At this rate, lucky we made it. Setting up the boat. At this rate, lucky we made it. float and partic 0516

Guys falling behind parade walkers Guys falling behind parade walkers

Good looking group, room for more. Good looking group, room for more.

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6/11, 12                  Scottish Festival support 

6/18     3:00            Picnic at Poteete Park pavillion

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Are you ready for some BBQ? Fellowship? Great Time? Our picnic is this Saturday, June 18, 2016 at 3 p.m. at Poteete. Boat in the parade is the door prize (assuming owners agree). Bring a side dish or dessert to share. Barry is picking up the main dish. George has the beverages (soft). We plan some short presentations on new stuff on the lake. 

Update: We had a fine gathering on a sunny and windy day. Great food (desserts) and the other food was good too. Nottely Marina and Nottely Boat Club (both LNIA sponsors) gave presentations on their services and future plans. Ranger Dyer thanked us for the T-Shirts that are again a big hit with the kids who get them for wearing their life vests while boating. (Pat yourselves on your backs for helping kids keep safe and wise). Sheriff Mason updated us on his department’s recent activities. Commissioner Paris was able to visit with us, as well. Boat owners (Mike and Karen) declined to offer their boat but we did see a jet ski pulling a dock we might be able to get a good deal on for the next picnic.

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7/16     7:00            Education Meeting. Location Civic Center. Open to all the community.  165 Wellborn St. not the new building on the golf course.

Representatives of TVA, GA DNR, USFS, Union County, Downtown Blairsville Development Authority will address issues affecting our community in a Q&A session. Topics for consideration are: shoal water markers, boating safety and enforcement, lake lot and part-time residents’ issues, debris containment, muddy water run-off from construction.

7/23     10:00         Road Clean-up. Picnic table west of dam 

8/22     2:45          Picnic and annual meeting at Poteete Park pavilion. Elections of officers. By-Law change proposal.

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Well here it is – the grand picnic with a new compelling reason for you to be at the Poteete Park pavilion this coming Saturday. We have entertainment – Elvis will perform. We will have elections and the Board of Directors is introducing two changes to the By-Laws affecting the size of the BOD for your consideration. 

Update: He is alive and doing great. Elections brought on a new president – Lynn Varian and First VP Doy Lively. Once again Ranger Dyer of GA DNR updated us on the lake and Sheriff Mason spoke as well.










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10/1      9:00         Lake clean-up. Meet at Poteete pavilion NLT 9 a.m.

Other actions either tentative or date TBD:

  • Work with DNR again to create fish habitat – Coordination initiated. DNR says they will not add to Lake Nottely this year.
  • Work with Union County and TVA to enplace posts to mark ramp edges – Coordination initiated, concept briefed, proposal forwarded to Union County. Board has approved prototype. TVA has objections. Action on hold pending meeting among Union County, TVA and LNIA to address issues. Action by Union County.
  • Work with Union County and TVA to create hitching posts for boat parking near ramps – Coordination initiated, concept briefed, Union County forwarded to TVA. TVA has objections. Action on hold pending meeting among Union County, TVA and LNIA to address issues.
  • Action for TVA to update their web pages displaying Lake Nottely info. Pending.
  • Work with DNR again to supply 100 T-shirts for youth safe boating recognition. Shirts printed and delivered and Ranger Dyer awarded almost all.
George picking up shirts 0516
George picking up shirts
Ranger Dyer awarding Tshirt to child 0516