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Lake Nottely Improvement Association
Working Together for a Better Community

Lake Nottely in winter
Photo courtesy of Helen Prieto.

Update on Marina Proposal

Per TVA: On January 30th, TVA issued its permission for facilities requested by North Georgia WaterSports. TVA conducted an environmental and programmatic review process which included a 30-day public notice period. On September 10, 2014 TVA advertised their intent to take comments on the proposal for a marina to be located adjacent to the Hughes gas station.

January 2015 Newsletter

We made it. The newsletter is "in the mail". We are making an extra effort this year to ensure all of you are receiving this newsletter. The driving reason for this is our renewed effort on membership. As the newsletter emphasizes the members (you) of LNIA really provide a lot for the well-being of our community. But we need you to renew and for you to reach out to your friends and neighbors to get them to join.

Business Cards, Mail Label

We are providing you an additional tool. With the newsletter we are enclosing business cards of the LNIA. Pass them out to your friends and neighbors. If you have a place to make them available to the general public, let us know. We have extra info on the mail label. It will tell you how current you are and whether we have an email address for you, for example "Pd thru: 2014, email=no". If you don't see an email comment then we have one for you. If you aren't receiving an email from us, then we don't have a good address, let us know. We do not require payment of previous year dues. Your payment will be for 2015.


Lake Nottely Improvement Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 2033
Blairsville, Georgia  30514



January 2015 Newsletter

Dock Address Signs

GA Boat Law Change 2013

LNIA Support of HRWC Recognized

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Photo of Rainbow over Lake Nottely by Scott Anna

Rainbow over Lake Nottely
by Scott Anna

Lake Nottely Improvement Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation under the Georgia statutes. The board and officers are all volunteers and receive no compensation from the LNIA.

Our Mission is to maintain, protect and enhance the quality of Lake Nottely and its surroundings for the benefit of all lake users. We work closely with the TVA, GA DNR, USFS, Union County, and the Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition in the pursuit of these goals.


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Lake Nottely Improvement Association
P.O. Box 2033
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